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Regent's Decrees
Due to the ineffectual nature of Parliament, as well as the pointlessness of its continued existence in a nation that is officially dissolved, I do hereby disband both Houses of Parliament of Kirkland. All decisions made for the nation will be made through the office of the Regent until the issue of the reorganization of the territory of Kirkland is resolved with those parties that are involved in that discussion.

Second, since the nation has been officially dissolved I am hereby nullifying all of the Acts passed by the Parliament in its history. All Imperial Decrees issued by the departed Emperor are also nullified. These two classes of law will not be taken off of the books officially just in case the nation is re-founded but they will no longer be considered in effect.

Third, the clauses limiting noble title giving to the Emperor will be nullified. Seeing as the Grand Duchies and their subdivisions are now officially independent it makes no sense for them to not be allowed to issue noble titles for themselves.

Fourth, the lord-vassal relationship that has henceforth existed is abolished. Each subdivision is now considered independent and may not be forced to abide by the nobles above them. Again this is derived from the logic that the Emperor declared each subdivision to be wholly independent if they wish and as such should not be forced to be the subordinate to a lord that is no longer officially above them. Lords and vassals shall be free to maintain their current relationship if they so desire but they will no longer be forced to maintain the hierarchy. Of course proper etiquette should still be exhibited between nobles of differing ranks but the official bonds tying lord and vassal together are hereby broken.

Finally, all agreements with foreign nations shall be voided. We are officially no longer a nation and as such cannot have legally binding treaties or agreements placed upon us. We also withdraw from all international organizations of which we are a part. The only exception to this clause shall be the agreement reached concerning the re-organization of Kirkland. That agreement will be binding on all states that constituted the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland. I, as Regent, will be granted the sole power to approve or veto the proposed agreement and my judgement will be final.

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