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Dissolution of the Empire
Due to my personal inactivity and the inactivity of the nobles and citizens of this nation I am forced to disband the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland. I am no longer able to carry out my duties due to personal, work, and school commitments. I apologize to everyone in the nation for my failure for the failure rests with me and my inability to drive activity. We had a good run as a nation. I hope that this causes no hard feelings with those of you who wish to stay in the micronational community; I am doing this simply because of the necessity for me to prioritize other things in my life.

I have recently entered my third year of university and am finding the workload very difficult. Along with all of my class I am studying relentlessly for my LSATs and preparing to enter into law school following my graduation next school year. I also have to deal with working as an intern at the local branch of the ACLU which takes up a good chunk of my day that is not already spent at school. On top of that, my engagement to the love of my life has led me to use most of the little spare time I have to be spent with her leaving little time for micornationalism.

Again I wish to apologize if all of this seems sudden. I have been working very hard to stay active but have found it very difficult. Due to the fullness of my schedule I have been forced to do most of my micronational activities while at work, something my supervisor has caught me doing on multiple occasions and I'm afraid that he is beginning to get frustrated. I wish that I could keeping participating but it has recently dawned on me that if I continue as I have been I will be unable to devote the time and energy necessary to adequately run this nation. I heartily apologize for these shortcomings.

To all citizens, you shall be forever remembered for your actions. If, in the future, Kirkland is ever re-founded then you are more than welcome to return. Hopefully we will not encounter as many ideological issues as we have dealt with during my reign as Emperor.

To all nobles, you are free to split off and form independent nations around your holdings. I will not require you and your lands to be dissolved with the Empire. I will hold you ill feelings towards you for wishing to start your own independent nations. You may take any personal items, lands, or wealth with you as I will have no need for it. As with the citizens, if Kirkland is ever re-founded you shall be more than welcome to return and reincorporate your fiefdoms into the new Empire and return to your status in the Empire; if you do not wish to do this then I would understand perfectly.

As a final goodbye to everyone I wish to offer some words of wisdom. During my tenure first as King and then as Emperor there were many issues between the nobles and the citizens. The actions taken by the government were not called for by any measure. Every noble, regardless of rank, should strive to be both fair and generous to those below them. We as nobles must not forget that the right to govern may be granted by God but is also granted by the will of the governed. Always strive to include the common man in all ways possible for if you do not then you are planting the seeds of your own downfall. However, as commoners you must not act harshly or rebelliously towards your lords for it only leads to unnecessary friction. Commoners should always be constructive in their criticism of the nobility, not destructive. Only when the nobility and the common man work together in harmony will truly good government come about. Please take these words to heart for they are sincere.

For the final time, may God bless you and may God bless the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland. Thank you, and goodbye.
Your excellency,

Rest assured that Lord Regent George and I WILL keep this Empire alive. I am attempting to have Arlington and Kirkland merged, and the Union of Kirkland and Arlington uniting in a Commonwealth of Freedomia. I will recongize you, immediately, as leader should you return and will continue to support you.
Just so that you are all aware, the constitution of Kirkland states:
Quote:[b][u]Article Thirteen:[/b][/u]
[list][*]Section 9: Should the Sovereign die without naming an heir then the Prime Minister shall become Regent of Kirkland. The Regent of Kirkland shall be considered equal to Emperor in the Noble hierarchy.[/list]
Since abdication follows the same succession rules as death then the stated rules of the Constitution on death shall apply in this case. Since I am the Prime Minster, I become the Regent of Kirkland. As such, constitutionally I am the only person that is permitted to speak for Kirkland in any matters if or until a final decision is made. I will continue the discussion of the union of Kirkland and Freedomia in the appropriate thread in the politics discussion forum.

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