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Multiple Citizenship Act
[i]Be it resolved by The Emperor's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Temporal in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: [/i]

[list=1][*]The number of foreign citizenships a Kirkish citizen or noble may hold shall be limited.
[*]No noble or citizen may hold more than six (6) other citizenships.
[list=a][*]Kirkish citizenship shall not count toward the citizenship limit.
[*]Citizenship in macronations shall not count toward the citizenship limit.[/list]
[*]The Ministry of Internal Affairs shall be granted the power to investigate the citizenship status of every noble or citizen of Kirkland to ensure they are in compliance with this Act.
[*]In the event that an individual is over the allowed limit they will be placed on probation and shall be informed of their status.
[list=a][*]While on probation an individual shall be suspended from voting in Parliament (if they are a Member of either House of Parliament), may not vote in Parliamentary elections, may not start a business, may not purchase property, and may not withdraw or deposit funds into a bank account in Kirkland.[/list]
[*]If an individual is found to have been on probation for a period of exactly two (2) weeks then they will have their Kirkish citizenship terminated.
[list=a][*]Upon the termination of citizenship, an individual shall have all of their assets, both financial and otherwise, seized by the Government of Kirkland and shall become the official property of the Government of Kirkland.
[*]In the event that a noble is required to relinquish their citizenship then they shall be required to relinquish control over all lands associated with their title and their title shall be conferred upon the Sovereign. All assets, both financial and otherwise, shall then become the property of the Government of Kirkland.
[*]A noble may be given back their financial assets, lands, and titles with the approval the Sovereign after a check to ensure that they are no longer in violation of this law.[/list]
[*]In order to be taken off of probationary status then the individual on probation must take the appropriate actions regarding citizenship in other nations so that they are in compliance with this Act.[/list]
A majority of the votes having been cast in the affirmative the bill passes.

Final vote (House of Lords): 6 yes, 1 no, 0 abstain.
This bill was passed to us from the House of Lords.

I call for an open vote.

I vote [b]Yes[/b]
I'll second the open votes and vote [b]Yes[/b]
All the votes being in the affirmative the bill passes. The Multiple Citizenship Act is adopted.

Final vote (House of Commons): 2 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain
By the power vested in me by God and the Constitution I sign this bill into law.

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