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Platform and Membership

We, the Radical Conservative Party vow to adhere by the following ideological points and will actively promote them in government.

[list=1][*]Maintain the Monarchy and the Aristocracy by any and all means and promote the interests of the Monarchy and the Aristocracy at all times.
[*]Promote religious and cultural unity inside Kirkland while respecting the rights of religious and cultural minorities.
[*]Expand the size and role of the military whenever possible and in any way possible.
[*]Maintain the security of our nation, both inside and out through heightened police presence in all times and in all places.
[*]Expand the economy through limited government intervention in the form of subsidies and mild tariffs to protect national industries.
[*]Institute a moderately graduated tax system to allow for a more fair tax code while preventing the overtaxing of those individuals most willing and able to invest in our nation's economy.
[*]Prevent the creation of a welfare state full of lazy workers dependent on government aid.
[*]Engage actively with other nations to form bonds of friendship with other peoples.
[*]Protect the people of Kirkland from dangerous and poisonous ideologies through a strong but loving hand.[/list]


[list][*]His Imperial & Most Serene Majesty, Emperor Brayden I, Emperor of Kirkland
[*]His Grace Stephen Landes, Grand Duke of Balormia
[*]His Grace, Dakoda George, Grand Duke of Arlington
[*]Her Grace Sandra Knopf, Duchess of Halmonton
[*]The Right Honourable Jeffery McQueen, Baron McQueen
[*]The Right Honourable Mark Williams II, Baron Williams

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