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The Liberal Party adheres to the political ideology of classical liberalism. This ideology has at its base the idea that people should be free to do as they see fit without interference from the government. We oppose any government intervention in the private sector and also oppose any attempts by the government to restrict the rights of our people. If elected the Liberal Party will strive to do the following:

  1. Roll back the regulations placed on industry by the RCP
  2. Deregulate the trade and ownership of firearms
  3. Lower the taxes imposed by the government of businesses and individuals
  4. Create a business friendly environment through incentives and tax breaks for businesses wanting to set up in Kirkland
  5. Ensure Kirkish industry's growth through an act that would make illegal any future import duties or tariffs
  6. Promote free trade, free industry, and free people

We propose the following reforms if we are elected into Parliament:

  1. The abolishment of the so-called "Progressive Tax" which stifles growth and prevents industrialists and entrepreneurs from wishing to invest in Kirkland. It should be replaced with a flat tax of 2.5% on all the income described in the aforementioned Act.
  2. To abolish the "Act for Taxes on Business" and to replace it with a flat tax of 5% to the Crown and 5% to the Government.
  3. To abolish the "Act for Free Public Schooling" and replace it with a voucher system which will give government tax credits to families to send their children to private elementary, middle, and high schools of their choosing which have a proven track record of excellence and don't invite the possible prejudices attached to living in a particular area or neighborhood.
  4. The complete repeal of the "Act for Fair Labour Standards" which places an extremely heavy burden on businesses in regards to hiring, firing, wages, salaries, and worker benefits. This Act should be completely removed and replaced with a law that, while still guaranteeing worker protections, gives businesses more range to conduct activity without fear of either government intervention or extreme worker actions.
  5. To repeal the "Act for the Regulation and Nationalisation of Industry" and the "Act for the Control of Automotive Pollution." Both of these acts create unnecessary strain on potential industries wishing to set up in Kirkland by forcing them to adhere to strict and extremely expensive pollution control measures. While we all wish to help the environment it is sometimes necessary to harm the environment for a time until industries have a chance to fully establish themselves. By repealing these Acts we will give industry a chance to establish itself and begin to provide jobs and products to the Kirkish economy without the, currently, unnecessary burden of expensive pollution control measures.
  6. To establish a tax credit system for any business that opens in Kirkland. Said tax credit would completely exempt a new business from any corporate or business income taxes for that particular business for exactly two fiscal years. This measure would draw businesses to Kirkland and create the growth necessary for our economy to expand.
21-09-2011 09:27 AM
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