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Full Version: Party Platform and Member List
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The Labour Party is a party for the working people of Kirkland. It is our aim to ensure that the common man is properly represented in government. We work for equality, both economic and political.

Our stated goals are:
  • Enact legislation that is friendly to the working people of Kirkland. This would take the shape of a living wage, safety requirements, pensions, and guaranteed cooperation between unions and management.
  • Promote Democratic Worker's Councils in the workplace.
  • Establish a graduated income tax that favors working people.
  • Create an environment in which business will prosper through strong industrial subsidies.
  • Support proposals to regulate businesses to prevent abuses by businesses.
  • Cap the wages of business executives.
  • Establish policies that help keep our environment clean and reduce pollution.
  • Guarantee the freedoms granted to common people to be represented.
  • Establish a strong central government while giving significant leeway to more localized government to ensure equal, fair, and responsive government.

  • Her Grace, Sandra Knopf, Duchess of Halmonton
  • Nathaniel Yates
  • Johnathon Zimmerman
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